About Me

The first thing you need to know about me is that I absolutely love that I can combine my two passions, which are hair and makeup artistry and saving animals.

I achieve this mesh through education and promoting a more ethical, natural, safer and humane/vegan approach to beauty. My motto is the following ; “that no animal should ever suffer for human vanity.”

I am committed to helping save animals and do this through my volunteer work with the Australian, non profit organization Choose Cruelty Free. An organization I have volunteered for going on nearly 2 decades now, as their official campaign, hair and makeup artist and PR Director, and in July 2019, I proudly took over the voluntary role of President of Choose Cruelty Free.

I also have my own vegan health and safety blog LivingSafe.com.au where I write about the importance of using more natural, safer and cruelty free cosmetic products.

How It All Began

I started out doing my hairdressing apprenticeship in the late 1980's at Katan/Kabu, a high-end salon in High St Armadale Melbourne.

Once I completed my 4 year apprenticeship,I stayed on at the salon for a couple more years and also studied makeup artistry at Flagstaff College.

In the early 1990's I branched out on my own and for the last 27 years I have freelanced, working in the fashion, advertising, music and bridal industries. I have been fortunate enough to have worked on some very exciting jobs both here in Australia and overseas, with some incredibly talented international recording artists including; Tina Arena, Vanessa Amorosi, Ricky Martin, JImmy Barnes, Kylie Minogue, Lauren Hill and actress Madeleine West.

Around 18 years ago I started volunteering as a hair and makeup artist for the non-profit organization Choose Cruelty Free

Once I understood how animals are tortured and killed for cosmetic testing, I vouched to never work for brands that test on animals. I also refused to work at Australian Fashion Week as it is run and promoted by L'Oreal ( they test their products on animals)  and for any fashion labels that used real fur and exotic skins in their collections.

I am passionate about animal welfare and strongly feel that no animal should ever suffer purely for human vanity.

If we want to use makeup and other beauty and personal care products then we should do it ethically.

All products I work with, are vegan friendly and created by ethical, humane companies that are listed on the Choose Cruelty Free Shopping Guide.

My work shows that it is absolutely possible and achievable to create professional, fashion-forward, hair and makeup results, both ethically and safely.