How to Choose Cruelty Free Cosmetics

As a professional, vegan, cruelty free hair and makeup artist, I feel very strongly about sharing the knowledge I have accumulated over the years, not only about choosing ethical, vegan and cruelty free brands, but also information on how to protect yourself from harm as well; e.g. how to steer clear of highly synthetic, toxic ingredients commonly found in cosmetic and hairstyling products.

I believe we need to not only protect animals from suffering, but ourselves as well. Our skin is our biggest organ and what we apply to it matters!

I have spent countless hours researching and writing about these topics for my natural health and safety blog , including numerous articles on how to ensure that the cosmetics and personal care products you choose to buy are honestly and ethically cruelty free, and not just by unscrupulous companies jumping on the increasingly popular, “cruelty free marketing bandwagon”.

In Australia companies can easily get away with claiming and even labelling their products as “cruelty free”, and “not tested on animals”, etc… No governing body is checking into these misleading claims. This is why it is so important for support and choose to use products by brands that have put the time and seriously huge effort in, to get accredited by the most stringent cruelty free accreditation process currently in the world - the one by the nonprofit organization here in Australia, Choose Cruelty Free.

Below I have shared with you links to some of the articles I have written for that address the above topics and I hope you find them helpful.

Also before you click off this page , I would also like to invite you to download the completely free Choose Cruelty Free List phone app, as this is a really easy way to cross-check a product to ensure it is 100% cruelty free before you purchase it.




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